Frequently Asked Questions

How many action shot pictures will you deliver?

We will shoot and deliver an unlimited number of pictures that cover the full event including warm-up, the full game (including half-time interaction with the coach), and hand shaking between teams at the end. Of course, we will focus on your player.

How and when will I get my pictures and/or videos?

All pictures will be provided in high definition in jpeg format. They will be available online for viewing and download or delivered on an USB thumb-drive. You will get them within 48 hours after the events. Depending on the package you have ordered, videos will be in different High Definition formats, either HD-720p, FHD-1080p, or UHD-4K. Videos will be available online for streaming and download or delivered on USB thumb-drive. Full game videos will always be delivered on a USB drive due to their size and to spare you the downloading wait time. You will receive the videos within 48 hours for full games, and witin 72 hours for highlights videos as some work is necessary on our side to select and combine the best sequences..

Do you shoot video in high definition?

Yes. There are several levels of high definition. By default, we will provide your video in HD 720p unless you have upgraded in your order to FHD/1080p, or UHD/4K. Make sure you select these options if you would like a higher definition.

What is the duration of the game videos and highlights videos?

Game videos cover the full game, therefore their duration is the duration of the game which depends on the team's age group. The older, the longer the game. For example, younger kids play two halves of 25 to 35 minutes, or a total of 50 to 70 minutes. Older players play a total of 80 to 90 minutes. The game video duration will be the same as the game duration. Highlights videos are shorter. For game highlights videos, we focus on action phases of the game that are the most interesting. We eliminate sequences when the ball is not in play (out of bounce for prolonged period of time, substitutions, injured player that requires attention or care, etc). Typically, game highlights video are 15% to 30% shorter. Player's highlights videos are even shorter as we focus only on one player for the amount of play time on the field.

What special effects do you include in the video?

Special effects is an option that you can add to your order. We typically include a title at the beginning of the video with game and/or player information, date, etc. We also include slow motion for specific sequences that are most interesting. We can repeat sequences with different angles if available. We can mix photos and video and add background music. We will discuss with you in advance what can (or you would like to) be included.